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7 Ways to Use Rocks in Your New Mexico Landscape

7 Ways to Use Rocks in Your New Mexico Landscape

Landscape rocks and plants used in a DIY landscape design in New Mexico.

New Mexico is known for several things, one of them being its beautiful landscape and scenery. Most local contractors create homes and yards to complement and match the natural beauty that New Mexico offers. Landscape rocks are some of the best materials to use to add appeal, contrast, and texture to your yard and patio. Not sure how to use large landscape rocks in your yard? We discuss 7 easy ways to include them! 

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1. Use Large Landscape Rocks as Focal Points

Large landscape rocks or boulders have a way of bringing a garden or landscape together. Their unique shape and varying textures create dramatic visual appeal. They can form a barrier or break up a large garden area, making it more interesting and unique.

You can also add small rocks or sand to cover the area surrounding these large landscape rocks to add more texture. 

2. Add a Touch to Water Gardens or Ponds 

Rocks aren’t ideal when they are on their own. But if you have other elements at work in your garden, landscape rocks are guaranteed to add a nice touch. Landscape rocks are great additions for: 

  • Perimeters of a pond
  • Water features 
  • Water fountains running over rocks 
  • Freestanding bowls
  • Large pools 

No matter where you add them, these large rocks are guaranteed to add that unique edge you are looking for!

3. Create a Path or Walkway 

If your garden or front patio is sloped, a stone walkway with decorative rocks could make an appealing path for guests and visitors! You can use a variety of materials to create these pathways, including: 

  • Flagstones
  • Cobblestones
  • Bluestones
  • River rocks
  • Large and small landscape rocks 

You can always throw in some sand along with shrubs and bushes to add a touch of green to your desert landscape!

4. Enhance Flower Beds 

Flower beds are beautiful on their own, but you can make these colorful areas of your garden pop even more with landscape rocks. You can stack these rocks to create a ring-like border for the flower beds. Not only does this enhance their beauty, but it can also help keep unwanted critters from munching on your plants and flowers!

5. Build a Fire Pit 

Landscaping rocks also make great elements for a rustic fire pit. A fire pit made out of natural stones or embedded into a rock patio will leave your guests in awe! 

Essentially, you can choose any kind of rock material to create your fire pit. But lava rocks and gravel tend to be the most popular for these landscaping projects. Lava rocks come in multiple colors, so you can still get easily get creative with the design!

6. Add Accents to Your Patio or Entrance 

You never know the power of landscaping rocks until you implement them in your patio! It’s always nice to have a pop of green with freshly grown grass, but when the seasons are rough, landscape rocks never fail! Landscape rocks of all sizes are perfect for adding accents, big and small, to both your front patio and backyard. 

7. Landscape Near Your Sidewalk 

Many homes in New Mexico have a small plot of land that lies between the street and the sidewalk. Well, this part of your yard deserves just as much attention! If you don’t know what to do with it or want to refrain from mowing grass or watering plants, you can always use landscape rocks as a filler. 

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