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2022 DIY Landscaping Ideas for Roswell Homeowners 

2022 DIY Landscaping Ideas for Roswell Homeowners 

A beautiful array of native desert plants sit in a Roswell lawn after landscaping. The plants are different shades of red, pink, green, and yellow. 

Roswell, New Mexico is located on the High Plains and the Chihuahuan Desert. It is a quaint little town, which is well known due to the famous Roswell incident of 1947. While we are not here to discuss theories of alien landings, we can tell you that there is a unique climate here that allows for creative landscaping ideas. 

So if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind landscaping for your front or backyard, check out these trending ideas for 2022. 

And if you need materials for your landscaping needs, NM Ready Mix can supply you with aggregates, cement, and much more. 

Landscaping Tips for Desert Dwellers

The town of Roswell is still part of the Chihuahuan Desert. For folks that live in the Southwest, the arid temperatures are nothing new. Residents of the Southwest know just how difficult it can be to keep a fresh green lawn. Roswell receives about 11.6 inches of rainfall a year, which is relatively dry.

So, achieving the perfect landscaping is all about setting goals and envisioning the space using natural materials. So what are the top materials for desert landscaping? 

Sand: Home in the desert Southwest usually incorporates sand in some way or another. Sand is a great addition to add balance with other materials such as rocks or stones and create little walking areas or play areas. 

Rocks and boulders: If there is one thing the Southwest has in abundance is rocks and boulders. The wide variety of rocks can add a lot of flavor to desert landscaping. What’s great about these materials is that they are easily accessible and provide contrasting elements against sand, pebbles, or concrete. 

Concrete: One commonly used landscaping material includes concrete. One can’t go wrong with adding a little concrete path or pattern to some desert landscaping. If you want to take it to the next level, consider stained or stamped concrete to really make your design eye-catching and beautiful. 

Desert and native plants: When engaging natural material, plenty of desert plants provide a little color to any landscaping design. This might include spiny or thorny vegetation like cactus, yucca, and even Joshua trees. 

Flora and flowers: While most people don’t consider desert landscaping ripe for using flowers, plenty of flowers and shrubs are resistant and tough against the sun and add a touch of vibrant color to your landscaping plan. 

Common Landscaping Trends for 2022 

So what’s new under the sun in 2022? When it comes to landscaping, there is not a whole lot that hasn’t been explored, but new styles and combinations always emerge. People continue to be creative as they explore new landscaping territory and create gorgeous combinations. 

Here are some of the tops trends for this year:

Use Desert Plants as Your Central Design Element 

When formulating a design, you want to have a leading design element. This refers to the one element that sets the stage or defines the rest of the design. So what types of desert plants are at the top of the list this year? The most common include:

  • Golden barrel cactus: These are short bulbous cacti that grow to stretch out and are the perfect leading element in a desert design. 
  • Mexican feather grass: The Mexican feather grass plant is composed of slender stalks that create a sense of calm and relaxation. 
  • Aloe. This desert classic is one of the most recognizable succulents around. This geometrically pleasing plant not only comes in diverse shapes but it provides the soothing gel that has been used medicinally for generations. 
  • Flaming Katy: If you are looking for color in your desert landscape, the Flaming Katy will oblige. It has a crown of bright flowers that come in yellow, red, or pink. 

This is just scratching the surface, of course. Many more desert plants make great additions to desert gardens. 

Use Paving Stones and Paths:

Desert landscaping can’t go wrong with walking paths and paving stones. The right paving stone, for example, can be the unifying element in your design. When combined properly, using aggregates in contrast with smooth paving stones is a great combination. 

Create Dry Stream Beds

Dry stream beds are an eye-catching feature that adds color, movement, and energy to any backyard or front yard. If your yard has a natural slope or uneven surfaces, adding these dry stream beds using colorful stones and a combination of rocks and cacti is a popular choice because of its aesthetic beauty. For desert areas, dry stream beds suggest water and movement and therefore make a great addition to any design. 

For Your Concrete and Aggregate Needs, Trust New Mexico Ready Mix 

Roswell residents have plenty of options when creating a desert oasis of their own. Using concrete and quality aggregate materials is a great start. 

NM Ready Mix can help you with that. Want to learn more? Call us today.

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