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The Journey of Sand & Gravel: From Rome to the Streets - NM Ready Mix

The Journey of Sand & Gravel: From Rome to the Streets

Every day, the average person in America will drive on a road, pass by a concrete structure, or enter a building with a concrete foundation and a history that reaches deep into the throes of Western civilization. They may not often think about the implications of those structures and the historical journey that had to occur for those buildings to stand as they do. NM Ready Mix loves all things concrete and that’s why we provide only the highest quality sand and gravel for high-quality aggregates, asphalt, and cement.

Let’s face it, the Western world might be a very different place without the Roman Empire. The ancient Romans drew much inspiration from the Greek civilization — who also built early road systems— and furthered many of their advancements in both the sciences, arts, and ideas of governance.  

The Early Cement

When it comes to infrastructure and architecture, the Romans made some tremendous strides. The wonderfully preserved remnants of those advancements stand today in the form of the famous Roman Colosseum.  This 2,000-year-old cement structure —with its volcanic ash ingredient— is a testament to the longevity, grandeur, and architectural flexibility of the material, as well as to Roman understanding of construction and engineering.

The Roman Road

This civilization was also quite innovative when it came to using sand and gravel for the forming of aqueducts and roads throughout their city. They were able to adapt to location when it came to the materials used in road construction. Usually, a Roman road consisted of a middle layer of sand and gravel. The roads consisted of a surface level that was usually a gravel or paving stones.  The capacity of the Romans to develop this intricate road system allowed for the easy transportation of armies, goods, and communications.

A Force of Nature

Sand and gravel deposits begin on beaches or in rivers and stream beds or as glacial deposits. These deposits are mostly made of the mineral quartz (silicon dioxide) with varying amounts of feldspar, rock fragments, and other mineral materials. The United States is a major sand and gravel supplier, as it has abundant deposits throughout the fifty states.

Quality Matters

Finding the right sand and gravel supplier will ensure the integrity of your aggregates, cement, and ultimately your construction projects. Our materials will find their way to the construction industry and become part of road construction, asphalt mix, construction fill, or as part of the construction materials like concrete blocks, bricks, and pipes. It can also be used for driveways or landscape material. In other words, it has a great impact on our cities and our communities.

Go With the Only Trusted Sand & Gravel Supplier in New Mexico

NM Ready Mix understands that as a sand and gravel supplier, we are connected to our community in a very special way. We provide the materials, the building blocks, and the beginning of what we come to know as our cities and towns.

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