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Understanding Different Types of Concrete Finishes and Applications

Concrete is a strong material used in lots of building projects. It can make big buildings and small driveways. But did you know there are different ways to use concrete? New Mexico Ready Mix stands tall as the premier concrete supplier in Hobbs. With a commitment to excellence and a legacy of reliability, we’ve earned […]

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Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space: DIY Landscaping Supplier Must-Haves

Do you want to create your very own dream outdoor space but don’t know where to start? Look no further! With the right supplies from the right DIY landscaping supplier, you can create a beautiful and unique outdoor escape with ease.  Fortunately, New Mexico Ready Mix is the premier DIY landscaping supplier in Hobbs, providing […]

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The Essential Role of Industrial Concrete in Modern Infrastructure

Industrial concrete is a fundamental building block of modern infrastructure. It provides essential support for structures like bridges, roadways, and buildings. In fact, it is estimated that up to 60% of the world’s infrastructure is supported by industrial concrete. In order to ensure that these structures are built to last, it is crucial to have […]

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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Hobbs Landscape This Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to start sprucing up your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to plant a garden, build a new patio or pathway, or just add a few decorations, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your landscape this spring. To make your project easier and more efficient, it is important […]

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Types of Industrial Concrete

Industrial concrete is a vital building material used in various commercial and industrial Hobbs construction projects. This specialized form of concrete is designed to meet the specific needs of each project and can be tailored to accommodate a variety of applications. With the right mix of ingredients, industrial concrete is known for its strength, durability, […]

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Commercial Industries Where Polished Concrete is Commonly Used

Commercial concrete is becoming increasingly popular in many industries due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Polished concrete is a type of commercial concrete that is highly polished and sealed for a glossy, attractive finish. NM Ready Mix is a reliable concrete contractor serving New Mexico’s Lea County and Roswell, offering high-quality commercial concrete solutions […]

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A Deep Dive Into Net Zero Building: Pathways, Possibilities, & Innovation

There is a lot of talk surrounding carbon emissions and their effects on our planet. People in different industries and across the political aisle disagree with some of the details, but it’s true that in the U.S. there has been a push to incentivize certain “green” forms of production, building, and construction. The production of […]

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The Many Faces of Concrete and What Makes it Unique

We know a thing or two about concrete here at New Mexico Ready Mix. We spend most of our time pouring it, mixing it, and making sure it goes where it’s supposed to go and does what it’s supposed to do. One thing we have noticed over the past decade or so is how many […]

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The History of Roswell and How We Continue to Build This Great Town

This month, we thought we would pay homage to one of our home towns here at New Mexico Ready Mix. While we provide sand, gravel, and aggregate throughout New Mexico and West Texas, Roswell has a special place in our hearts because of its quaint characteristics. We love this town!  We thought we’d revisit some […]

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The Concrete Path to Landscaping: From Geometric Styles to Modern Minimalism

Here in the United States, the weekend warriors adventure out every week to tackle new projects and ideas to improve or fix their homes. These projects might range from anything including fixing a broken door knob, building a table from scratch, or enhancing our home’s exterior through landscaping design. Landscaping is a far broader task […]

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