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Why Roswell is the Best Place to Get Your Sand and Gravel - NM Ready Mix

Why Roswell is the Best Place to Get Your Sand and Gravel

Roswell, New Mexico is a town of about 47, 000 people and is, perhaps most famously known for its histories or ‘alleged history’ with unidentified flying objects or UFOs. Of course, everyone has heard about UFOs in Roswell and the story has been turned over and explored throughout the decades that it is difficult to find one solid version of events. Here at Roswell Ready Mix we are not experts on UFOs but as experts in sand and gravel, we know why we have the best materials for your building and it’s not because our materials come from foreign galaxies. In fact, the materials we have are very characteristically Earthian and while abundant on our planet, require special extraction and collection in order to produce quality.


We serve both individuals and industrial construction teams. All of our materials are high quality and high grade, which will provide the best possible foundations for all your construction and building projects including parking lots, roads, building structures, homes, or commercial buildings. Because we have been serving this community, we have deep ties with the people and the businesses that make it run and are happy to serve the friendly state of New Mexico. 


The Importance of Quality Sand and Gravel


Sand and gravel are key to having a successful construction project. As experienced building sand suppliers, we specialize in providing the materials you need for your construction project. 


Sand and gravel aggregates are necessary materials in mixing cement materials such as concrete, mortar, and plaster. This goes into the building of our cities, its structures, its buildings, schools, playgrounds, and so on. 


Although the amount of sand in the world appears abundant, there is somewhat of a decline in the amount of usable sand and is, therefore, important to find a good supplier. Sand, for example, is used in a variety of places throughout our cities. Some examples include:


  • Volleyball courts
  • Golf courses
  • Highways and roads
  • Sandboxes in playground
  • Arena flooring
  • Land reclamation


Get Your Materials From New Mexico’s Trusted Supplier


Here at NM Ready Mix, we are ready to provide you with the necessary materials for your construction project. People love a mystery. It’s why the idea of Roswell landings continue to haunt people’s imaginations. And while we might not have all the answers having to do with that fateful event in 1947, we do have the answers for your building projects and material needs. Whether you are a dedicated weekend warrior building and landscaping a backyard or poolside, or a large construction contractor working on the next big project, we have the right materials for you. 

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